eazi stick 20mm KTS20

If you want to spread boilies over a wider area than you can achieve with a spod, and are fishing beyond catapult range, then the Eazi-Stik is the perfect tool for the job. This J-shaped throwing stick can be used to put boilies a very long way – especially by using the two-handed, over your head technique favoured by Danny Fairbrass, or it can be used conventionally with one hand at shorter ranges. It is made from ultra-light polycarbonate plastic, so even when putting out a lot of bait it helps reduce fatigue on your arm, and makes the whole process as effortless as possible. The rubberised, textured handle ensures that you can maintain a firm grip, and also helps prevent twisting during use, which can add spin to a boilie as it leaves the Eazi-Stik and make it go off course – this grip is 8 inches long so that it can be used double-handed. At shorter ranges, multiple numbers of boilies can be put out at a time.

21,50 €