Guru elastic connector dacron 5st in pakje

The Large Guru Elastic Connector offers the perfect elastic to pole rig connection for thicker/larger pole elastics. The Large Elastic Connector works perfectly with all types of pole elastics, whether it be solid, hollow or hybrid style elastics.

The coated braid connector kicks the line and pole rig away from the pole tip which eliminates any chance of the rig tangling and affecting performance. The internal bore of the bead locks the pole elastic knot firmly in place and the soft bead material acts as a buffer against the pole tip, significantly protecting the elastic from potential damage and increasing the overall elastic longevity.

Using the Elastic Connector is quick and easy thanks to the easy loading storage bar supplied.

The Large Pole Elastic Connector is designed to be used with small to large/thick elastics, up to size 20 as a guide

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