Guru X-case GLG016

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The Fusion X-Case has been designed to provide ultimate protection for expensive pole items such as top kits, spare sections, cupping kits, spare pole sections and even full poles. The X-Case is made from a super-strong reinforced material that has undergone countless hours of testing and development, to make sure all your expensive pole items will be fully protected from any potential damage.

This two-sided hard case storage solution offers improved organisation on and off the bank, aiming to keep everything in one place. The X-Case also significantly saves space in your pole holdall due to its slimmer hard case shape.

Internally, the inside height of the Fusion X-Case measures 185cm which will comfortably fitting dedicated one-piece shallow F1 top kits and up to 30 standard two-piece top kits. There are also two elasticated retaining straps per side for enhanced security, protection, and neatness. As well as a mesh base netted pocked for further security and drainage. The inner shell of the X-Case is cloth coated which adds extra protection to the fragile thin carbon sections.

Externally, the Fusion X-Case features interlocking carry handles for easy transport and the reliable oversized re-enforced Guru zip pullers. The X-Case features a super-strong full-length durable zip opening for easy case access.

The Fusion X-Case comfortably fits inside the Fusion Pole and XL Pole Holdalls which saves space and adds even more protection to your valuable top kits and sections. 

99,00 €