korda snag leader brown 100m 0.65mm 60lb 27.2kg SNAG60

The 'XT' stands for extra tough, and this monofilament leader materials is designed for us in extreme situations, particularly lending itself to use on large, snaggy European waters for big carp, where rigs are being dropped by boat rather than cast out. It is a great choice anywhere that braided leaders – like Arma-Kord – are banned, or where you want a bit more stretch. It also really comes into its own when fishing waters that have a lot of woodwork underwater, and whilst a braided leader can often cut into wood, increasing the chances of everything going solid, the thicker diameter of XT Snag Leader helps ensure that it runs across it instead or cutting, and increase your chances of landing the fish. it comes supplied on a 100m spool, which is designed to prevent more leader material than you actually need from coming unravelled – simply wind it straight off of the spool under tension.

14,00 €